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A New Approach Of Investing In Stock Market

When you ask your friends, family, and neighbor. Most of them, will reply you that stock market is another form of gambling. You believe or not, most of the millionaire in the world have earned from stock market. It can be directly investing money or registering their company in stock exchange. One interesting thing is that government is also earning money from stock market.
I want to ask you, if stock market is one form of gambling. How can many people have created their fortune with stock market. You may be thinking that it can be their luck, but again I have one more question to ask you. If it is their luck, it can help them once, or twice, may be third time, but it can not help them always.
You think because many of the retail investors lose their hare-earn-money. We used the word retail investor here, it means, those people who are working full-time in another company and want to invest their money in stock market. There are many reasons for retail investors to invest their money in stock market. May be they want to earn interest on their money that they have extra in their hand. And may be they want to make second income source of money. There can be any reason, but one thing is same that they fear of losing money and they lose as well. We will discuss one example below.
Most of them lose their money because they do not have full knowledge. And some of them have seen that their friends are earning money with stock market, so they can also earn. It can be a wrong decision with many of them. If you like to learn about economic, company income statement, and cash flow, they it is good for you. Otherwise it will be a wrong decision of you life.
I am continuously writing post how can you build a fortune with stock market. I will also write investment methods that are different from stock market. If you like those, you can also invest your money in those investment type as well. But always remember one thing that some of them may fulfill your dream but some may be useless because everybody has different goals in their mind. If you want to take any decision, use you commonsense.

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One day one of my friends comes to my home and asked 'I am getting tips that will earn me 100% return in one month'. If you are also know the person who is saying to get 100% return in a month. Ask him why you are not making investment for yourself. If he will say to you that he do not have initial money that's why he is not investing. Tell him that he can take loan from any bank on interest rate of 10% to 15% and earn profit and repay the loan and invest continuously one to two year, he will become rich. I have research a little about it and find a conclusion that famous investor earn profit 20% to 25% annually. If famous investor are earning only 25% percent, how can they give you tips to earn 100% profit in a month. They want to get you hare earn money, so never below those who are giving you this type of tips. Always self research and make a right decision because it is you money and decision should be yours.

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