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How to Make First Trade in US Stock Market in Five Minutes With Eagle Trader Club

First, you should know why you want to invest in U.S. stock market when you can easily invest in your country. There can be many reasons. Some of them are below.
1.) Diversify Portfolio
2.) Interest Ownership of International Company
3.) Dollar is becoming strong day by day
Famous investors say, 'do not put all your eggs in one basket'. When you think to diversify you portfolio, U.S. stock market can be a good market place. Some company, in U.S. Stock market, increase their dividend every year. It can increase you profit in a pace.
When you tell you friends, family, neighbors, you have ownership in amazon, apple, etc, you feel proud.

U.S. Brokers List

Brokers play a big role when we talk about stock market investment. If you select a broker who takes a lot you brokerage and other fees. It will cut your pocket slowly, and you will not even get a  headache. First, understand how brokers earn. It is important for you because all broker earn money when you trade. If you do not trade brokers will not earn a penny that's why broker will always encourage you to invest you money in stock market.
Suppose I am Anoj Kumar. Today, my friend comes to my home and tell me about stock market. I get some interest and want to invest my money. I started searching about it. I find that first we need a broker who can open a demat and trading account for me. After account opening we need to deposit some money in broker account. When we have decided and deposited some money. We will select a company to buy share of that company. It is a simple way to invest in stock market. Here we should understand that I am not only person who can trade in stock market. We need to take of stock broker, stock exchanges, company, and depository firms.These are the firms or people who are earning money when we invest our money in stock market. Let me clear that stock exchange and depository firms takes fix charges, but stock broker charges are different. Some of them charges are like this:

Account Opening Charges

Annual Maintenance Charges

Minimum Account Maintenance Charges

Brokerage on buy/sell of share

Some of broker ask money for giving tips to you

Become a intelligent investor, and choose a broker who provide you 0% brokerage, no annual maintenance charge, and no minimum account maintenance charge. Some of the broker are listed below:

U.S. Stock Market from India


U.S. Stock Market from Global

Final Point

Brokers, Exchanges, and Depository firms do not care, you lose or earn money in stock market, but they always earn. Become a intelligent investor and invest when you have great knowledge of stock market working process.

U.S. Stock Exchanges

let me tell you, how trading happen between investors and companies. Investors want to buy share of companies and companies want to sell share for money. Both companies and investors are trading for their purpose. It is now clear, trading always happen between two parties, it means that we can buy shares directly for companies? The Answer is No.
Stock exchanges play a big role here. Exchanges helps both investors and companies to trade easily and securely. Exchanges help both the parties that's why it takes fees from both.
When companies want to list their share on stock exchanges, companies has to fulfill 'terms and conditions of exchanges' and has to pay fees to exchanges as well.
When investors want to buy share from stock from exchanges, he also has to pay fees to exchanges.
One more options is available to buy/sell share is OTC (over the counter). It can be a risky move for beginners. I do not recommend it. if you have good knowledge, then you can try.

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